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Lagical is a women's lifestyle blog that hosts writings on style, Makeup, Skincare, career and related trends.

Hi, I’m Lase. The founder of this space

I launched this site recently to share knowledge on sub-niches under lifestyle and as an expression of most things I’m passionate about.  I’ve wanted to start blogging for a while but a lot of things limited me. You won’t even believe what made me create this blog….it’s literally so random lol. 

Maybe I’ll write a blog post on how I started and how you can too If you’re interested in knowing. Personal stories and life lessons are stuff I’d rather send to people where it’s more private though -My newsletter. If you scroll up you’d see a sign-up form if you’re interested.

For now, I’m focused on writing value-packed articles solo; but hopefully, that changes soon and I’ll be able to share more diverse content formats with you.

When I’m not working on a blog post, I’m booking makeup clients -see my page HERE – busy with school work, or watching anime.

That’s all for the Intro! I had fun sharing a bit of myself with you: enjoy reading!

Tioluwalase Ajibola

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